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Taxperience Notary Services


Legal advice using language you can understand

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Taxperience Notary Services acts for entrepreneurs and businesses. As an entrepreneur, you are constantly on the move and movement brings changes, both businesswise and at a private level. With an experienced team of (deputy) civil-law notaries, lawyers and notarial employees, we guide you through your legal process and take a constructive approach for you. We are modern and accessible and explain complicated matters in an understandable way.


Our team is happy to assist you in the areas of (international) corporate law, family law, estate planning and commercial real estate. When necessary and required, we work together with other experts such as the tax advisers of Taxperience so that your interests are treated optimally and correctly. We have several in-house experts so that you can be assured of receiving well-considered and effective legal and tax advice. 

Corporate Law

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Our experienced (deputy) civil-law notaries specialize in the broad field of notarial corporate law. If your organization is dealing with a takeover, restructuring, business succession, merger or reorganization, you can count on our expertise. We immerse ourselves in your company, your wishes and ambitions and translate all your legal questions into specific solutions. We think along with you, at every stage. Because we know you and your company we can be proactive in our advice and support you in relation to other notarial and tax issues.

Estate Planning

The pre-eminent area where emotion, taxation and legal services come together. Of course you wish to transfer the assets you have built up to the next generation or to charities in a legally careful and tax efficient manner. Or you may wish to invest in (commercial) property. We advise you on and guide you through all aspects of estate planning, ranging from drawing up or amending your prenuptial agreements and wills to setting up a family charter and drawing up a gift scheme.

Family Law

Cohabitation, marriage, divorce and also death have emotional, legal and tax consequences. Numerous notarial activities are related to these events. Examples include drawing up cohabitation contracts, prenuptial agreements, (living) wills, divisions and declarations of inheritance.

Commercial Real Estate

Commercial real estate experts understand the complexity of transactions and are aware of the questions you might have. We can, if required, be involved from the initial stage of a transaction until the transaction has been completed. We always focus on an optimal result for you as a client. We can assist you with complex real estate transactions, project development, condominium rights and the refinancing of real estate portfolios.

Taxperience Notary Services can help you on a business and personal level.

  • Theo de Bie

    Theo de Bie

    Notaris / Partner

  • Louise Geurts van Kessel

    Louise Geurts van Kessel

    Notarieel Medewerker

  • Truyke van Gool

    Truyke van Gool

    Senior Legal Associate

  • Michel Kuijpers

    Michel Kuijpers

    Deputy notary

  • Minka Maas

    Minka Maas

    Estate Planner

  • Larissa van de Wetering

    Larissa van de Wetering

    Notarieel Medewerker

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